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Our specialties

We are specialists in providing consulting, auditing and training services in the following areas:

Sistema de Gestão Qualidade ISO 9001
Quality Management Systems
ISO 9001

Quality management systems aim to improve the performance of organizations and the continued satisfaction of Customer requirements.


Environmental Management Systems
ISO 14001

The environmental management systems aim to prevent environmental accidents, as well as to minimize the environmental impact of the activities carried out by the organization.


Information Security Management allows Organizations the freedom to grow, innovate and expand their Customer base, knowing that their confidential information will remain so.

Information Security Management Systems
ISO 27001
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
OHSAS 18001 / NP 4397

An occupational health and safety management system is based on the application of a set of rules and measures in order to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, as well as to improve the working conditions of its employees.

Energy Management Systems
ISO 50001

Efficient energy management is not only good for business, it is increasingly a requirement and a necessity. The ISO 50001 standard  defines energy management practices considered the best in the world.

Social Responsibility Management Systems

All organizations have a social role in society, being increasingly a factor of differentiation and image in the market and among investors.

Human Resource Management Systems
NP 4427

Human resources are a critical factor in the success of organizations. An Organization capable of attracting, retaining and developing People with the necessary skills is one that achieves higher levels of Quality through the commitment and involvement of its team towards the general objectives defined by its strategy.

Innovation Management Systems
NP 4457

Since knowledge is the basis for generating wealth in advanced societies and research and development is one of the pillars for the creation of this knowledge, it is in innovation that the means to transform this knowledge into economic development is found.

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