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ISO 37001

Anti-Corruption Management Systems

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Bribery is one of the most common forms of corruption in the business world.

ISO 37001 has the potential to reduce corporate risks and costs related to bribery, providing a business framework to prevent, detect and address these issues.

ISO 37001 was developed to respond to the growing need for organizations to demonstrate their commitment against bribery and corruption.  This standard was created to help organizations identify corruption and foster a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty and non-bribery by specifying the requirements for the successful implementation of an anti-corruption management system.


The implementation and certification of ISO 37001 allows an organization to define:

  • corruption risk assessment

  • anti-corruption goals

  • anti-corruption policy

  • responsible for compliance and demonstrated commitment to fighting corruption

  • An anti-corruption compliance function

  • anti-corruption procedures and controls, including:

    • corruption risk prevention plans;

    • whistleblower procedures, including a non-retaliation policy;

    • policies and procedures regarding gifts, entertainment, hospitality, charitable travel or political donations or other benefits, as appropriate;

    • financial control;

    • investigation procedures.


The services of PGM Consultores in the implementation of ISO 37001, guarantee a simple and totally oriented system for the real needs of  organizations.

The set of services available are:

  • Consultancy on the implementation and certification of an Anti-Corruption Management System (ISO 37001);

  • Support the integration of ISO 37001 with other management systems

  • Internal Audits of the Anti-Corruption Management System;

  • Customised training.

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