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ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System 

It is the application of a set of rules and measures in order to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, as well as to improve the working conditions of its employees. These measures must comply with national and community legislation. The new ISO 45001 standard provides tools for the Occupational Safety System to respond to all these situations.

In order to support organizations to improve the working conditions of their Employees, PGM provides the following services:

  • Support in the implementation and certification of a Safety Management System (ISO 45001) ;

  • Internal Audits of the Security Management System;

  • Support for the organization of internal services ;

  • Customised training;

  • Support the development and validation of risk assessments.

PGM's consultancy service in implementing the SGSST in accordance with ISO 45001 guarantees a system that is simple to maintain and fully oriented towards the Client's needs. When carrying out internal audits in accordance with this benchmark, we guarantee that they add value to the organization.  

Standard ISO 45001, now following the structure of other ISO standards, and easily integrated with Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001), as well as other Management Systems. 

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